Communicating with people you don’t like
Something pastors have to do a lot of! And a couple of other articles on communication: The Psychological Tricks Behind Apple’s Service Secrets and Who’s trustworthy? A robot can help us.

Guys, it matters whom you marry too
A follow-up on the previous post addressed to the ladies.

Avoiding logical fallacies in theology
One for Seminary students (and professors) everywhere.

When should my children be baptized?
Fascinating to watch my baptist friends struggle with this question. But some of the principles and advice also apply to Presbyterians regarding when and how their children should profess faith.

Biblical Geography Strikes Back
“I know that biblical geography is not considered as hip as knowing Greek and Hebrew, but the longer I study, the more I appreciate the value of understanding the literal “facts on the ground” as it were.”

George Whitefield Resources
Steve McCoy: “This page exists to bring together various Whitefield Resources: journals, sermons, letters, biographies, websites, etc. My hope is to create a resource page of every known good Whitefield resource for my readers.”