It was Junior Hunt Day last Saturday, giving the younger Michigan hunters first shot at the deer before the adults start blasting away next week.

I took my son to a local farm and helped him set up his deer stand. Well, I made sure he didn’t fall out of the tree.

For some reason, he decided that the best place was close to these pretty bee-hives. While he seemed oblivious to the dangers, walking along the path in front of them, I gave them a very wide berth (apart from a world-record sprint there and back to get this picture).

Although it took me extra time to divert behind them and trudge through the forest to get to and from the car, I figured it was worth the extra time and effort.

Then I saw sin. Attractively painted but with multiple deadly stings. Yet how close I walk. How little danger I see. How little effort I put in to avoid it and flee it.

And there’s not even any honey in it. Just bitter deadly poison.

  • Wesley

    Wow. Great post Dr. Murray! Funny thing about sin is that it “looks” sweet like honey though it turns to ash in our mouths once we taste. “Until sin be sitter christ will not be sweet.”

  • Wesley

    that should read, “Until sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.” ;)

  • Sue Lubbers

    What an analogy! Going a step furthur – have you ever seen a bee keeper in his protective gear, putting his hands right into the hive to care for those bees? God has provided a full armour for us to put on to resist sin and go into a sinful world to evangalize. Sue

    • David Murray

      Didn’t get a dear. But got a blog post!