The Anxiety-killing Power of Creation
I knew I needed to do more fishing.

Six Reasons to Study the Tabernacle
I highly recommend Danny Hyde’s book on the Tabernacle.

Art, beauty, and faith with Andrew Peterson
“We are given the privilege of reflecting the image of God. We should do so with something more than moving lights on Sunday and slick websites the rest of the week. Our lives, our words, our songs, and our service ought to speak of God’s beauty.”

English Puritan Theology
This interview about Joel Beeke and Mark Jones’s new book A Puritan Theology should help to explain the ongoing attraction and relevance of the Puritans, despite their recently-highlighted faults.

When Disability Hits Home
A video glimpse into the life of Shannon Sproul, daughter of R.C.Sproul Jr. who was born with a condition that left her profoundly disabled.  Especially poignant because Shannon was “enabled” last Wednesday.

Glimpses of Grace in Homemaking
Gloria doing what she does best. Finding grace and God in unlikely places.