Church Planting in the Urban Jungle
I used to watch Gavin Peacock play professional soccer in the English Premier League. Here he writes about his commitment to supporting church planting in the Scottish equivalent of the Bronx.

Engaging your kids in discussing their day
How to get past “Fine!”

A Young Preacher’s Library
Advice for younger guys from some older guys. Interesting to see the different choices of UK men.

Economics Curriculum
Marginal Revolution University has a new Economics Video Curriculum online and it’s free! These teachers have quite a gift for making the complex and boring simple and interesting. R C Sproul Jr does a similarly great job in Economics for Everybody, which looks at the subject from a Christian worldview.

10 Tips for Getting Through Seasonal Depression
Not the whole answer, but a good part of it.

A Note to Moms in Crisis
From someone who knows all about it.