Educating too early
Highly instructional preschool programs have been studied for years. Although they’re more popular than ever, the outcomes don’t hold up under scrutiny.

Free eBook: The Fulness of Christ
Nick Batzig has more information on this new publishing company, New Puritan Press.

Behind the scenes of the Presidency
Regardless of your politics, you’ll enjoy these behind-the-scenes pictures of President Obama. Reminds you that he’s human too!

Storytelling and your brain
For me the brain is the most fascinating scientific frontier at the moment. It’s incredible what we are discovering about that “universe” within. In this post Marc Cortex highlights a video demonstrating how “dramatic storytelling can lead to very specific brain changes in brain chemistry (increased levels of cortisol and oxytocin), which in turn correlate with a specific behavior (giving money).” Marc concludes: “If stories shape who we become, let’s be careful with the stories we allow to shape us.” If fictional stories have such an impact on our brain chemistry, how much more the real stories we are living. Lots of food for thought here for counseling.

Two sides of the counseling coin
Heath Lambert provides some helpful points of agreement and distinction between biblical counseling and nouthetic counseling.

Enjoying rest: now and in the life to come
Randy Alcorn: “Part of our inability to appreciate Heaven as a place of rest relates to our failure to enter into a weekly day of rest now.”