Four Questions about Faith and Work
“…work as a plumber or accountant is as important in God’s eyes as a minister’s or a missionary’s.”

A pro-life left-winger
“Abortion is one of those rare political issues on which left and right seem to have swapped ideologies.”

Dear Moms, Jesus wants you to chill out
Dads too.

Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech
“The decline of free speech has come not from any single blow but rather from thousands of paper cuts of well-intentioned exceptions designed to maintain social harmony.”

Honorable Leadership Needed
Joel Beeke: “I stared in disbelief at my laptop last night as our Vice President interrupted Congressman Paul Ryan 96 times in about as many minutes of debate. When I observed his arrogance, his degrading laughter, his angry responses, and his dismissive attitude, I was deeply troubled.”

My best advice for young theologians