The Bible is about Jesus
Matt Emerson: “The entire Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, is about Jesus Christ. Let me give a few reasons why I believe that is the case, as well as a few clarifications about what that means.”

Digital Distraction in the Classroom
Stephanie Chasteen addresses the problem of distracting laptops and cellphones in lectures. Her solution? A social contract drawn up and enforced by the students themselves. Worth a try?

College is dead. Long live college!
Which Seminary is going to bite the bullet first? (HT: Alex Chediak)

3 Things they don’t teach you in school that we all pay dearly for
100% agree with Matt Perman on this. And here’s another post of his along the same lines: 3 Things about knowledge work they never told you in school.

The Problem with Misinterpreting Wisdom Literature
“Interpreting the proverbs as promises is a critical mistake that can fuel legalism, moralism, and disillusionment. Once again, we see the importance of knowing how to interpret the different genres of Scripture and the heartache that comes from a misguided interpretation.”

Putting in a good word for Presbyterianism
Kevin DeYoung with a rare foray into ecclesiology.