Teaching Christ from the Old and New Testaments
Ed Stetzer says Christocentric interpretation is nothing new.

The Cure for Backsliding
Joe Thorn with some spiritual cures for those he convicted last week.

What a difference a day makes
Kim discusses hormones, serotonin, and Scripture. “When women in my stage of life struggle with physical situations related to our age, we are more easily led into thinking such dark thoughts.  When hormone fluctuations block the good stuff, like Serotonin, we are more inclined to let an innocent comment render us a blubbering mess, and fear that no one loves us, and we are worthless.  Scripture brings us back to what is true. ”

The science behind how your productivity is chosen by what you eat
“Adequate nutrition can raise your productivity levels by 20 percent on average.”

Brothers, we are not professors
Wish all Seminary students would read this.

Kingdom through Covenant: A Review
This is well worth a read and sums up one of my own deep concerns well.