Keeping up with the Mondays
Cap Stewart has discovered a cure for “the Mondays.” It’s called Sunday. In this post, he provides a principled, positive, and practical look at Sabbath keeping.

The 11 Greatest Enemies of Creativity
“Here are 11 factors that often vaporize folks’ creative juices.”

Technology is changing how students learn, say teachers
Two research studies that confirm experience.

Brothers, we should stink
Thabiti: “The apostle understands that shepherds should smell like sheep. The sheep’s wool should be lint on our clothes. Our boots should be caked with their mud and their mess. Our skin ought to bear teeth marks and the weather-beaten look of exposure to wind, sun, and rain in the fields. We belong among the people to such an extent that they can be called on to honestly testify that our lives as messengers commend the message. We should be so frequently among them that we smell like them, that we smell like their real lives, sometimes fragrant but more often sweaty, musty, offensive, begrimed from battle with the world, the flesh, and the devil.”

The free offer of the Gospel
Jeremy tag teams with Thabiti.

Small-Town Mercy Ministry
“We can look at the needs in our little community and bunker down, feeling too tiny and ill-equipped to respond. But the church that Christ is building is never small—and it’s a church always meeting people at their points of need and crisis.”