It takes courage and raw physicality to keep the lights on for the rest of us
Wish lots of young people would read this: “In a world that seems increasingly dominated by politicians, pundits, community organizers, professors, lawyers, marketing managers and others who mostly specialize in the production of words, there is often little understanding of what it takes to produce an essential product or service that we frequently take for granted.”

Giving Thanks for C S Lewis
Yesterday was not only Thanksgiving Day, it was also the 49th anniversary of C. S. Lewis’ death.  Joel Miller’s piece relates some touching dIetails of the last days of Lewis’ life.

The unbearable lightness of being Shannon
RC Sproul Jr. continues to edify through his rare God-glorifying transparency.

Leaders tell the truth
An extract from Al Mohler’s new book on Leadership, together with two short videos which pack a lot in to a few minutes.

A lot of pastors love crowds and hate people
Didn’t think I’d be linking to Rick Warren, but this is really too good and too sadly true to bypass.

This is priceless