How rejection breeds creativity
Tim had a good piece on this yesterday too: The Joy of Rejection.

Father defends tough love email he sent to his children
And here’s the original email in full.

From radical Islam to Christ
My whole family were enthralled by this wonderful video testimony last week.

On Sermon Introductions
If his sermons are as good as his homiletics, he’ll be well worth a listen.

How to guard Sabbath for your children
Jen Wilkins with some great questions to help you lead your family.

You need to receive Jesus, again

  • H.B. Charles Jr.

    Thanks brother for sharing my posts. I have a lot of growing to do in both my homiletics and my preaching. But I am excited about the journey. All the best. – HBC2

  • Bernard N. Howard

    I loved this paragraph in your post HBC2:

    “Practice variety. Don’t start every sermon the same way. Be creative. Use different doors to get into the house. Tell a story. Raise a question. State a problem. Use a strong quote. Describe the background of the text. Do an object lesson. Try multimedia. Mix it up. Practice diversity. Change the way you come at them, especially if you preach to the same congregation each week. Practicing variety in the introduction is a simple but effective way to stay fresh in the pulpit.”

    Very true, and very sensitive to the needs of a congregation. It is so wearisome when a pastor’s sermons always begin in a very similar way.

    Thanks David for bringing this to my attention.