Congregation gives up six month battle and leaves church
Another victim of homosexual militancy, this time from inside the church. One of the most historic and prominent Christian witnesses left in Scotland, this is the same congregation that Eric Alexander and Sinclair Ferguson used to pastor. In my late teens, I used to attend the always-packed evening services.

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My friend Steven Lee writes:  ”It’s got a very unique and rich heritage, a church forged in the fires of revival in America.

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Stunning and worrying.

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Trevin Wax with three things to remember as you study.

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Interview with Apple’s new CEO. (HT: Chris Larson)

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Joe Thorn mines three reasons from Richard Baxter.

  • Ben Thorp

    Sadly, along with most of the reports in the secular media, the article about the Church of Scotland is woefully inaccurate. Sadly, the minister and a large part of the congregation have, IMHO, completely jumped the gun on this issue. The CofS has in no way made a decision “to allow ministers to be in same-sex relationships”. The first part of any such decision won’t be made until the General Assembly next year, at which point any decision will still need to be ratified by all the presbyteries. And, it should be noted, the GA has historically always been more liberal than the presbyteries.
    Whilst I understand their decision to secede, their behaviour in the 12 months prior to seceding, not least some of the financial irregularities mentioned in the report, and the time since seceding, has been woeful.