• http://outin2thedeep.wordpress.com Wesley

    Dr. Murray -
    first i just love listening to you talk – between you and Sinclair i get my fill ;)
    Second, this is a great idea these short videos – i look forward to seeing more.
    Thirdly, i have to say i agree with your summary. Thankfully, i attend a church and am being trained to preach under a model that uses just what you’ve mentioned viz. looking to the text to see what God says and thus speak God’s words to God’s people. Surely – at say a funeral – we may speak more topically but i think even then we will look to a Scripture that speaks to the FCF (Bryan Chapell’s term) of grief or mourning and let the Spirit speak God’s words of comfort to our souls. Yes?

  • Alastair Manderson

    When I was told “you need to see Dr Murray’s new preaching video”, this wasn’t what I was expecting.