Re-engineer your morning ritual
I was thoroughly impressed with Michael Hyatt’s early morning ritual. I doubt any of us have the discipline to copy Michael, but I think we can all pick up some tips to getting a better start to our day.

Christian…and depressed
Why these words shouldn’t be surprising, and what we can do to help.

I am not a depressed person
Michael Patton writes honestly and helpfully about his own struggle with depression.

Move forward into hope
By way of contrast, Paul Tautges highlights a new book by Joni on Gaining a hopeful spirit.

Pre-marital counseling
Ron Edmondson prioritizes seven areas to cover in preparing for marriage.

If you’re serious about ideas, get serious about blogging
And if you need some help, here’s a great video from Michael Hyatt on how to set up a blog in 20 mins.