My son, Allan, has been looking for a car or pickup truck for many months. Since he started learning to drive a few months ago, most of his waking (and probably sleeping) moments have been consumed with getting his own vehicle. Craigslist has been his meat and drink. He probably knows more about cars than I’ve learned in 46 years.

But, there’s a fairly major problem.

Money. Or rather, the lack of it!

So he starts looking for a job. But to get a job, you need a car. But to get a car, you need a job.

He’s been totally stuck. Despite weeks and weeks of seeking, searching, planning, talking, he doesn’t have even a steering wheel to his name.

Until last Monday (yes, Christmas Eve), when we were driving along 3 Mile Rd near our home and God dropped an F250 into our lives. Free! And even added a bow!!

There’s a corner near our home where people put cars for sale from time to time. It was late on Monday afternoon when Allan begged me to stop to look at the black pickup truck that was sitting there with a red bow on it. I said, “Come on, Allan, you’ll never be able to afford that.” But it was Christmas time so I graciously stopped and waited while the “expert” surveyed the vehicle.

“Dad, it’s free! It’s free!”

“Allan, there’s no way it’s free. And if it is, it’s not worth having!”

I reluctantly got out of my car to take a pessimistic look, and sure enough, it was “FREE!”

“Dad, can we phone the guy and ask to drive it?”

As Santa was flying overhead at the time, I thought I’d enter into the spirit of the season and entertain his fantasy a bit longer. So we phoned and within minutes we were in the home of a lovely older couple who explained that they had been through really hard times with the recession, but that God had recently blessed them, and they were able to buy a new vehicle. They were going to sell the old F250 on Craigslist for $4000, but decided to simply put it at the end of the road, and then prayed that God would send someone who would really value it. That was 15 minutes ago, and we were the first to call.

“I don’t know if you believe in God…” he said.

“Eh, is it enough to be a preacher of the Gospel?”

We all laughed.

One hour later, after sharing God’s gracious dealings with our respective families, we were home with an F250 that God had just dropped from heaven into my son’s lap. Admittedly it’s got @250,000 miles on the clock. But it’s had only one owner, who’s treated it as “my baby” for 15 years and who recently pumped $4000 into it.

Allan said to me a few days ago that he still can’t believe he actually owns it. He posted the story on Facebook and some of his friends thought he was lying! It’s ridiculous, said one. Too good to be true! “Must be a piece of junk!” said another.

No, it’s just the God of all grace, giving my son, and my family, a vivid and unforgettable little snapshot of the Gospel of grace and of our common reactions to it. Most say, “Can’t be free,” or “Can’t be true,” or “Can’t be worth much,” or “That’s ridiculous!”

But some say, “I can’t believe He’s mine.”

  • Kim Shay

    Now, that is a great story! What a wonderful Christmas for your son!

  • Tony Gerber

    What a picture of Providence!

  • Se7en

    Oh my word, the richness of God’s Blessings just showering upon us… far more than we will ever need. What a moving story, for all those folk who don’t believe in miracles!!! Love it. Pray that your son is safe and God’s hand of protection is on him as he embarks on a new and exciting era in his life!!!

  • Helgi H. Hannesson

    Thanks for this wonderful, heartwarming story of God’s great goodness!

  • Gera

    This is amazing! impossible by men, but possible by God! Our God is great!

  • Michael

    Your son didn’t JUST win the lottery. He worked and studied and his Faith was rewarded!

  • James

    To the Greeks foolishness, and to the Jews a stumbling block. But to us the wisdom of God and the power of God… so that we might *marvel at Him* forever! (1Cor 1, with a dash of 2Th 1:10)

  • Joe Thorn

    This story is such a great testimony of God’s generosity toward us all. I am so happy for your son. Just, wow! This is a great post to read on this last day of the year.

  • Marie Peterson

    Thanks for sharing! Great story of God’s providence, even in an area code like 616 ;)

  • Thomas Arthur

    Not only did God bless you with a new vehicle but He gave you the world’s most renowned pick-up truck!

    F250 Fan

  • Rebecca Stark

    This is a story he’ll tell his grandkids someday.

  • Paul & Carine Bakker

    O, praise be to our God! Our hearts rejoice in our wonderful God with you. Blessings in Him!

  • Heidi Pronk

    I read this as I was completing the year-end responsibilities for a ministry. I already had tears of gratitude in my eyes as I opened one envelope after another – all evidences of God graciously working in His people to provide for His people. This story was just icing on the cake!

  • Cora

    What a blessing indeed! The wait was worth it! What a great story of God’s faithfulness for him to share with his friends.

  • David Murray

    Thanks for rejoicing with us, friends! Glad you enjoyed this little story of grace.

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  • Trillia

    How wonderful!! God’s kindness! Generous couple. Pray he enjoys it!

  • Anne

    May this wonderful token of God’s goodness be blessed to the never-dying souls of all your children. And may it give us an even greater glimpse of the not-able-to-be-put-into-words graciousness of our loving Father.

  • Matt


    That’s a wonderful providence, for sure. I wonder how you’re “coaching” him, as a father, to not only receive that sort of generosity… but return it? The first thing that occurs to me, for example, (and my sons, I assume) is that “I could’ve gotten $4K for that truck!” Your son may not be able to give 4K to someone, but perhaps there’s application with siblings, school mates, neighbors, etc.

    Just wondering…


    • David Murray

      Great question Matt. We are “exploring options” shall we say!

  • Kelly Seale


    What an inspiring story! God is so good – all the time – not matter what the circumstances are.

    Corrie Ten Boom used to say that “God gives us the ticket when the train comes in.” I always have loved that saying because our gracious Lord and Savior makes it a fact.

    God Bless You and Your Family this New Year.

    • David Murray

      Thanks Kelly. That’s a great quote.

  • Julie

    This story warms my heart!

  • Marieke Ude

    What an encouraging story! There are so many promises in the Bible speaking about the LORD providing for the children of those that fear Him.
    How true it is that God provides for them above our own imagination!
    May this story be a spiritual blessing to many young people.