Three is the loveliest number
I don’t know anybody writing more beautifully about God these days than Mike Reeves.

The Christian Introvert
Tim Challies reflects on the benefits and challenges of being an introvert. And here’s Alan Jacobs going a bit further with a lament that the world is run by extraverts.

5 Strategies for Tacking Tough Conversations
“Whether the source of the conflict stems from circumstance, a challenge to your identity as a leader, or protecting ones turf, stemming the tide of personal emotions and dealing in a direct, measured way can let the air out and diffuse conflict effectively. ”

Economics for Everybody
R C Sproul Jr’s excellent DVD series is available today for a gift of any amount.

The Homeschool Diaries
“What if I took the time and energy I was putting into arranging our sons’ education and devoted it to actually educating them?”

Closing the Gap
Bob Kellemen outlines three challenges facing the Biblical Counseling movement and casts a vision for the next 40 years.