Four models of counseling in pastoral ministry
Tim Keller analyzes the state of Christian counseling. Insightful and helpful but the concluding solution/way forward felt a bit incomplete and ani-climactic.

Beware Stubby Glasses
Some fascinating psychology here, including this revealing paragraph on racism: “For example, many of our anti-discrimination policies focus on finding the bad apples who are explicitly prejudiced. In fact, the serious discrimination is implicit, subtle and nearly universal. Both blacks and whites subtly try to get a white partner when asked to team up to do an intellectually difficult task. In computer shooting simulations, both black and white participants were more likely to think black figures were armed. In emergency rooms, whites are pervasively given stronger painkillers than blacks or Hispanics. Clearly, we should spend more effort rigging situations to reduce universal, unconscious racism.”

Black and Married with Kids
When and how to admit you need help with postpartum depression.

May Christian’s Complain?
“Someone asked what my thoughts are on God’s people ‘complaining’ or wrestling with Him in their trials, and if in exhorting one another to be content we try to “accelerate the timetable on when that submission should be.””

An Open Letter to Susan Jacoby
Barry York responds to Susan Jacoby’s NYT piece, The Blessings of Atheism.

Jesus Sings
Fine piece of devotional writing and practical theology from Tony Reinke.