The importance of a “stop day”
Interview with the author of 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life.

Why we need plumbers and pastors
Drew Dyck: “Growing up I knew I could serve God in whatever profession I chose. Providing, of course, I chose to be either a missionary or a pastor.”

Counseled by William Ames
Paul Tautges shares what he’s learned from reading about counseling from “the learned doctor William Ames.”

Sitting is the smoking of our generation
Do you want another reason to splash out $50 on a stand up desk?

Ten things a congregation desires in a pastor

Now I’m Aimee, down to sleep
Aimee revives a childhood prayer. And for the opposite view, here’s an argument for taking drugs to reduce sleeping hours and increase productivity.

  • James

    That drug sounds dangerous to me, brother. Even if the world thinks that there are no physical or mental side effects, I’m going to go with Psalm 127:2 on this one.

    • David Murray

      Yes, I’m with Psa 127 as well, James. The world’s getting crazier by the day.