You MUST listen to this superb sermon, Sorrowful yet always rejoicing, by John Piper. It also happens to be his farewell sermon after 32+ years at Bethlehem Baptist Church. His last message was: “What the world needs from the church is our indomitable joy in Jesus in the midst of suffering and sorrow.”

Although you can quickly read it at the link, if you listen to it you will probably never forget it. What a tremendous combination of teaching and exhortation, of careful exposition and passionate proclamation, of simple profundity and profound simplicity, of painful realism and soaring optimism. He not only expounded this vital message, he embodied it.

Thank you Pastor John for your years of serious-joy-filled Gospel proclamation. We come from very different traditions and we probably differ on a few matters. But I want to publicly and gratefully acknowledge that you had a hugely beneficial impact on my life and ministry 11-12 years ago when I came across your book, The Pleasures of God, in the midst of some painful life and ministry circumstances. God greatly used you and your book to restore my joy in Jesus and in the ministry.

I hope and pray you will have many years of family joy and fruitful service in your new spheres of labor.

  • suzanne

    Yes, excellent & powerful. I just wonder why he aligns himself with passion 2012 & 2013 where the false gospel he so passionatly speaks against is the main focus. Piper on the same stage as Jesus Culture and Judah Smith? He gives them credibility. what a shame

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  • CAVanTil

    Yes – one of the BEST sermons I’ve ever heard. I also printed the sermon to study. Was a good sermon for those of us battling depression, too.

  • Jeremy Lee

    Comforting and convicting. I needed this. Thanks for pointing it out.