Self-help books help depression
The BBC reports that, “Patients offered books, plus sessions guiding them in how to use them, had lower levels of depression a year later than those offered usual GP care.”

Divine Art
“When we see an amazingly beautiful piece of art in a museum, we give credit to the talented artist who created the work of art. No other piece of art comes close to the complexity and stunning beauty of nature. Each glimpse of nature’s beauty should remind us of God, the Divine Artist.” And here are some free bulletin inserts on creation.

Raising Fear-less Children
What can we do to help our children or grandchildren grow up with less fear and anxiety?

What we all need to learn from the minority experiences
Trillia Newbell interviews Thabiti about what Christians can learn from African Americans’ suffering. So helpful.

Girl Solidarity
“Dear Teenage Girl: I was once you a long time ago.  I was without God in my life, lonely, and wondering what the purpose of life was. I didn’t feel I could talk to my parents. I wanted validation, approval, love.  I wasn’t promiscuous, but I definitely knew how to get a boy’s attention, and I had my share of boyfriends…”

A week without Google
I don’t know how, but Mike Leake did it and lived to tell the tale.