50 Years Later and Still Dreaming
Wow! What a post. Let’s dream on. The vision is so, so bright. And here’s Jemar with his eloquent dream.

A new kind of librarian
“Bloggers who do book reviews are a new kind of librarian.” Aimee says that with the decline of physical bookstores, online reviewers are playing an increasingly important role in helping people select books. And Aaron Armstrong has some good advice on book reviewing here.

10 Healthy Brain Essentials
“Many bright and intelligent people put themselves at a disadvantage every day because they make choices that limit the functioning of their brain. The following ten things have been shown to enhance brain functioning and can help anyone live up to their full intellectual potential.”

Why bother with Wisdom?
Colin Adams gives us five reasons to preach from Wisdom literature.

One Hug at a Time
A non-huggy person learns how to hug…and it becomes contagious.

50 Things Replaced by Technology [Infographic]
View this if you want to feel old.

  • MarieP

    It’s ok, you’re not that old- I’ve actually done everything on that list in the last year or so- including warming a drink on the stove (brewing tea)- though only because it was too much for a microwave and I don’t have a big coffee pot.

    • MarieP

      Ok, not everything on there- but it’s only been in the last 10 years or so I haven’t done them.

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