Bill Gates: My Plan to Fix the World’s Biggest Problems
Nothing a tape measure, calculator, and spreadsheet won’t fix.

Revolution hits the Universities
I share Friedman’s excitement. And from the Harvard Business Review, Eight Brilliant Minds on the Future of Education

Another “Last Lecture”
Not quite, but here is the Natasha Turner’s chapel address to Southern Christian High School in Michigan. Natasha, a guidance counselor at the school, died last Friday after a 6-year battle with cancer. The first part of the posting is her obituary, but if you scroll down a bit, there’s a transcript of a chapel message she gave in September last year. It’s such a powerful presentation of the gospel in affliction.

Brooks, Baseball, and Battles among believers
“Perhaps it is not the Puritans with their endlessly annotated outlines but we, with our theological soundbites and snippets, who have unnecessarily complicated Christianity.  Perhaps the Puritans, for all their fastidiousness, show us a simpler and more Christ-centered way.”

Best Commentaries on Matthew
Also check the comments for further recommendations.

Business as Ministry
Good to see more Christians writing on this neglected subject.