Lunch with the Vicar of Baghdad
Andy wants us to learn about community rebuilding from the Vicar of Baghdad.

Leading distracted people
Adam Stadtmiller has five pieces of advice for shepherding overwhelmed people. The most important is #1: Model margin and peace. I know very, very few pastors who do this, and it often puts huge pressure on the other men in a congregation.

10 Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam
Kevin DeYoung  shoots 10 bullets from the hip.

Why Rosa Parks still matters
Three reasons from Russell Moore.

Learning to be a moral minority
Thabiti turns to the African American church to teach Christians  how to live and serve as a minority.

Seven deadly thoughts of leaders
“Most great leadership failures, however, don’t begin with some stupid action. The leader usually has thoughts about the action well before he or she actually makes them. Some of those thoughts can be warning signs to heed. They are like the bright, flashing red light that demands we stop. Failure to stop can result in great harm.”