A Trip to Murrayfield and the Shiny Bubbles of Fame
Andy Murray takes his boys to their first game of international rugby, and then bumps into one of the Scotland players at church the next day.

Pastor, know thyself
John Piper describes how he attacks his besetting sins with an “anthem.”

Winston Churchill and his “Black Dog” that helped win World War II
“Only a man who knew what it was to discern a gleam of hope in a hopeless situation . . . could have given emotional reality to the words of defiance which rallied and sustained us in the menacing summer of 1940″

15 Rules for Expectant Parents
Didn’t think I’d be needing these again, but thanks to Brian Najapfour for reminding me of them. Some are a bit quaint, but there’s much wisdom too.

Eating Disorders: A Scientific and Spiritual Disorder
Great to see qualified Christians taking on the difficult task of distinguishing physical from spiritual issues in extremely complex problems.

What God’s Teaching me through Epilepsy
So thankful for honest Christians who are willing to write about how their faith helps them through great struggles.