Matthew Parris goes to Africa, and “gets” religion (sort of)
I used to read Parris every week in the London Times and agree with Thabiti, he’s the most honest (and bravest) atheist I’ve read too.

How to have communion with the Spirit
J. D. Grear encourages us to press on to fellowship with God.

People you’ve probably never heard of but should
One of the first books I read as a young Christian was The Life and Labors of Asahel Nettleton, and it still impacts me 20+ years later.

What does cooking meals have to do with sermons
Looks like cooks and preachers have a lot to teach one another.

Hearts Atwitter
Just because your husband or wife didn’t get swept away with overpriced chocolates, teddies, and flowers yesterday, doesn’t mean he/she doesn;t love you.

The danger of do-it-yourself spirituality
Joel Miller: “A full and well-rounded spirituality cannot be a self-directed spirituality. Despite how it might look, such a pursuit will be almost definitionally narrow and fraught with delusion, not enlightenment.”