A weak mother is a good mother
“A good mother is not one who bakes intricate treats, who schools a certain way, who manages her household within an inch of its life, or who has her children in a million wonderful activities. A good mother is one that acknowledges her need for the power of God to train and teach and change the hearts of her children.”

7 Ways to Interpret the Bible Like a Pharisee
How not to do it.

Three Applicational Emphasis in Preaching Deuteronomy
Peter Mead produces excellent short posts that provide big interpretive keys.

On Long Walks and Deep Thoughts
Brice Ashford argues for the intellectual and spiritual benefits of walking. Some of my best ever sermons came to me while walking the beaches beside my Scottish island home.  I do miss that.

Does the Bible permit polygamy
Seems like a ridiculous question, but we’d better get clued up on it because that’s probably the next cultural battlefield.

You must be born again
If you’re not, this article will make you want it. If you are, it will make you value it.