Beyond color blind: Why race still matters
I’d encourage you to read anything that Trillia Newbell writes on this subject. She’s been a great help to me in sanctifying my outlook on racial issues.

How to keep ahead of your email by keeping score
I play this email game quite often and it often cuts my emailing time by about half.

Lifestyle Liberalism and its Consequences
Knowing how hard it is to keep teenagers on the moral tracks, I often wondered what hope liberals had with their own children. Now we know. They have no hope.

How to welcome a new pastor: 10 suggestions
As I’m hoping to begin co-pastoring a church in the near future…

Four Good Reasons to Read Good Books
The writer of this article is a fifth reason.

How does a pastor deal with carnal Christians in his church?
Brian Croft answers this question with five approaches.

  • Sam

    Wow. On the “Lifestyle Liberalism” article, the comments and suggestions are generally as bad as the problem written about!

  • James

    Those are 10 good suggestions for what to do with your current (old) pastor too.