Porn Circuit
Understand your brain and break porn habits in 90 days. Free eBook on biblical neurology.

Extended interview with Rosaria Butterfield
Barry York’s first podcast at Gentle Reformation interviews Rosaria and the pastor God used to lead her to Christ.

The History of Christianity in 25 Objects
I’ve had a sneak preview of where Tim’s going with this and  can assure you that this series will be well worth your reading time. If anyone can make church history accessible, profitable, and memorable it’s Tim.

Why respond publicly to Doug Wilson’s “Black and Tan”
Here’s another shorter series that’s a must-read. Thabiti Anyabwile has started to review Doug Wilson’s controversial book on race and slavery. In Part Two, Thabiti summarizes Doug Wilson’s views.

Missing out on beautiful
This is a beautiful article on the beauty of Penny, a young girl with Down Syndrome, and of all the Pennys among us.

Depression: When the black dog howls
This is one of the best short articles on depression I’ve ever read.