When new moms can’t stop worrying
“Considering the physically seismic and pervasively life-altering experience that is childbirth, it should be no surprise that the experience can create conditions that might foster mental and emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. And in the words of Dr. Dana Gossett, the study’s senior author, women who suffer such symptoms should be reassured “to hear that their thoughts and behaviors are very common and should pass.” But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored.”

It’s the little things; OK, it’s the big things too
One of the best ways of dealing with all the emotions surrounding bereavement is to name them, articulate them, describe them, etc. No one gives a better example of how to work this out in such a moving and edifying way that R.C. Sproul Jr. This dear brother continues to do the Christian community great service by his honest and transparent sharing of his journey through the valley of the shadow.

How busy people find time to think deeply
Ben Casnocha shares six strategies.

Illustrating Racial Insensitivity in Black & Tan
Thabiti uses Black & Tan to help us detect our often subtle racial insensitivity.

Abandonment and Abundance
Horrific then wonderful story about how a young Christian women saved the life a teenage mom’s baby from being aborted.

Why ministers need the wilderness
“As I’ve gone through seminary for a few years now I am becoming convinced that students should have to spend at least one semester in the furnace of suffering before we can graduate.”

  • http://www.nancyguthrie.com Nancy Guthrie

    Thanks for sharing this blog post by R.C. Sproul, Jr. I have been working for the past several days on my workshop presentation for the Gospel Coalition conference which is on misbeliefs we take hold of in grief. The first misbelief on my list is that our confidence in heaven should eliminate our sadness. R.C. Jr. speaks directly to that as he is honest about the deep sadness he feels that his wife and daughter are not here.

    • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

      Yes, Nancy, he’s such a model in this regard and I believe his example will relieve many Christians. I pray that your topic will go well at TGC. Wish I could hear it.