Recently one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Trillia Newbell, interviewed me about how to find the balance between work and life and how to deal with the guilt of our failures in that area. My answers are largely based upon learning from my failures in this area rather than any expertise! Her questions include:

  1. Have you ever had a busy season and felt guilty as it relates to time away from family?
  2. How do men in particularly reconcile the need for work and the need for family time? God calls us to work and yet also prioritize family—what are your thoughts?
  3. As a wife, I can’t help but desire for my husband to be encouraged. Though he does not struggle with guilt, I imagine others do. How would you encourage a man who works long hours trying to care for his family but struggles with guilt?
  4. What about a woman who is working outside the home? Would you advise her differently? If so, how? How do we encourage women who feel the pressure to work or work long hours, especially if she’d like to be home?
  5. Practically, what are ways that we can maximize our time that we do have with our kids and spouse when not working?
  6. Anything I might be missing? Gospel truths that might encourage?

You can read the whole interview here.