The Gospel and Autism
The Briefing carries a post in recognition of April being Autism Awareness Month. “We don’t think of our daughter fundamentally as “autistic”; rather she is made in God’s image, and is a child of God through Christ—who also has an autistic disorder. We can love her and relate to her and delight in her as she is; accept her abilities and disabilities as part of that, and work to help her to overcome or manage the challenges she faces.”

Also see this fascinating video in which a little girl explains autism creatively.

And Loris Sealy, who suffers with autism (as does her son) is offering a special deal for anyone who purchases her new CD, “Begone Unbelief”, this month.  For every physical copy you buy she is donating $5 to the North Carolina AutismSociety.  CDs are available at and

The Recapturing of Lament as a Christian Practice
Phil Monroe: “Maybe we might avoid some of the re-victimization of abuse survivors if we incorporated more lament practices into congregational worship. Might we be less likely to force acts of forgiveness and premature reconciliation?”

The Poetic Life of the Christian
Barry York: “While I do not suffer from color blindness, I do have a condition that might best be described as “beauty blindness.”  I simply need help from others  to see many of the lovely things all around me that I might miss.”

Jesus in the Lion’s Den? Preaching Christ from Daniel
Matt Smethurst interviews Sidney Greidanus about his new book on Preaching Christ from Daniel.

13 Top Resources on Finance
Paul Tautges with another excellent collection of resources.

Some Practical Help for Leading a Prayer Meeting
I would add “Keep it positive.” Too often prayer meetings just become a time of moaning and groaning. Erik told me he starts with a time of prayerful adoration in light of the gospel in order to set the right tone.