Death of the Iron Lady
Hope this doesn’t lose me half of my UK readers, but Margaret Thatcher was my heroine when I was in my teens and early twenties. I campaigned for her in some of the most hostile housing estates of Glasgow, and I sometimes wish I had the same courage today in campaigning for Christ.  Gene Veith has assembled some great quotes here.

How to find your vocation in college
Another fine article by Gene Veith.

Look for a building with a cross on it: Escaping North Korea
I hope and pray that behind the tumult developing on the Korean peninsula might be God’s demand: “Let my people go!”

Why we need the Hood
Powerful words: “There are jewels, if you will, in marginalized communities that are missing from the Church’s crown. Without these jewels, the Church sparkles less.”

Black Churches’ Missing Missionaries
“Black churches are booming, why are they not sending?”

The tyranny of the recovered
Kim Shay: “If people want to change their lives, I’m all for it.  Seriously.  If you lose weight, I’m happy for you.  If you hate blogging and the internet now, and that suits you, you’re allowed to feel that way.  Just don’t regard my participation in it as some kind of moral failure because I’m not choosing to leave.”