Straight, Bible-believing Christians can Undermine God’s Plan for Marriage too
Erik challenges us to glorify God in love, confession, and distinction of roles.

Christians can’t ignore the uncomfortable reality of mental illness.
Amy Simpson examines our usual responses to depression, schizophrenia, etc., and calls us to better responses. When suicide strikes in the body of Christ is another helpful piece. I don’t agree that “taking one’s own life may well be a sin.” It is always a sin. But I agree that it is not the unforgivable sin. The Grace Alliance, an organization I greatly respect, has Four ways for the church to respond to depression. Paul Tautges provides an excellent suicide assessment tool.

5 Ways to avoid the drain of busyness
Thanks for sharing your lessons with us, Trevin. Glad that you’re human, after all!

Point 1
Three quickfire ways to improve our sermon points.

3 Principles for Preaching the Pentateuch
Preach expositionally, plainly, and Christologically.

5 Times we tend to overspend
And how to stop.