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Having been unable to record a podcast last week, you get a double dose today, as we look at some of the questions raised in R.C. Sproul’s lectures on Ezekiel and Daniel.  A number of the questions center around how to interpret the highly symbolic language in these books. Spoiler alert: no Tim Challies this week! Please don’t hate me.

  • David Kay

    Dear David, On this side of the pond I am a little ignorant of the term MEH – and how is it used as a verb? Please explain. As ever thanks you for your stimulating blog. Soli Deo Gloria. David

    • David Murray

      Thanks for your kind words, David. OK, little translation needed here: American “Meh” = Scottish “So what?” It’s not an exact translation. Should be accompanied by small lip curl and shrug of shoulders. Hope that helps.