Facebook friends and sin
“How am I supposed to respond to my so-called friends who promote sin on their wall?”

The Digital World of Teens
While we’re at it, here’s an Infographic revealing how entrenched teens are in technology and the digital world.

Death and Resurrection: The Typological Structure of Old Testament Redemptive History
“Throughout redemptive history a number of typological death and resurrection acts were revealed in Scripture to prepare us for the ultimate death and resurrection of the coming Redeemer.”

9 Things you should know about women’s body image issues
The most stunning stat here? “Only two percent of women globally consider themselves beautiful.”

Ligonier Academy now accepting D.Min applications
This is a wonderful program for pastors wanting to continue their education under some of the best teachers in the world.

When the bombs exploded in Boston
Tony Reinke walks us through our Boston thoughts and feelings.

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