7 Reflections on an adoption that wasn’t meant to be
Deeply moving post from Justin Taylor. See and admire the gold of God’s work shining brightly in this dear brother’s life.

The Boston Bombers were outside their house
Interview with Stephen and Emily McAlpin, a Christian couple whose home was caught in the crossfire of 200 rounds last Thursday night.

Keeping our eyes on Christ
Robert Rothwell turns to Hebrews 12 to help him in the fight against distraction.

Discussing & Dealing with Pornography
Four helpful takeaways from Anthony Carter’s discipling of a generation who have been harmed by exposure to porn.

A brief lesson in letter-writing
How do you get people to pick up the phone to enquire is they are eligible for a refund? “Say what you mean; be brief; ask for action; follow up if you hear nothing.” Something for preachers here too?

What can we do to reduce the risk of suicide?
Sound advice from Adrian Warnock. And Hope for the suicidal mind from Paul Tautges.