Apprenticeships need more respect
Some amazing statistics and profound lessons.

They can try to disrupt her funeral but they cannot dishonor her legacy
I was a passionate Thatcherite in my late teens and early twenties, so much so that I campaigned with one of Winston Churchill’s grandsons as he ran for a completely unwinnable seat in one of the most dangerous parts of Glasgow. Michael Milton’s article on Margaret Thatcher and the Boston bombings brought back a lot of memories. Barbara Challies reflects on Amanda Thatcher’s powerful scripture reading at the funeral. Anne was in the Houses of Parliament when the death was announced.

Are biblical counselors sin maximizers?
My friend Bob Kellemen interacts with an article I wrote that attempted to bring differing views/emphases in counseling a bit closer together. You can read my original article here.

Dear Son…
A Father writes to a son about how to pray out loud in front of other people.

When you need help finding an Old Testament Commentary
Remember Tim Challies’ commentaries series as well.

Top 10 ways to ruin your child’s imagination