Preach the Old Testament as if Jesus was risen
If you think the Gospel started in Matthew. You only missed it by 39 books.

The Messiah in the Old Testament
“This book transformed my view of the Old Testament and just might be one of the most important books I have ever read.”

5 Challenges to Preaching from the Decalogue
A follow up to 5 Advantages to Preaching from the Decalogue.

How Good is God for the Soul
A beautiful article from Dr Eric Johnson, one of my favorite thinkers, on how to use God’s attributes in counseling.

Sorting out the physical and the spiritual
Dr. Michael Emlet gives CCEF‘s take on the physical/spiritual connection in mental/mood disorders.

How not to say the wrong thing
I don’t agree with everything in this article, but the core principle is a pretty good rule for avoiding saying something wrong in a crisis situation.