Better than the Beginning
Here’s a podcast interview with Rich Barcellos about his new book on creation. Here’s my endorsement of the book: “Although many Christians have been been engaged in a life-or-death battle to defend the truth of creation against evolutionary attacks coming from inside and outside the church, there has been little exploration of the doctrine of creation in all it’s glorious height, depth, width, and length. Richard Barcellos has begun to remedy this neglect with a God-glorifying, soul-edifying, life-transforming survey of this majestic and practical subject.”

Lauren Chandler on Treasuring the Gospel in your Home
I’ve been so looking forward to Gloria Furman’s new book.

Stewards of Wealth Streams
Four Silicon Valley residents who are wielding their region’s capital for good.

You can’t pack everything into a sermon
But it doesn’t stop us trying.

With mental illness in the family, you don’t get lasagne
No cards. No visits. No fruit baskets. No flowers. No casseroles.

Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission
I’ve just finished Amy Simpson’s new book and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a better understanding of and compassion for those who suffer with mental illness. Here’s the deeply moving trailer for the book.

  • Jason Delgado

    Thanks for the shoutout on our podcast. The book is indeed great. Did you yourself get a chance to listen to the podcast?