How to visit someone in the hospital
It really is this simple and should not create the angst-ridden procrastination that is so common.

Mental Illness and the church: Interview with Amy Simpson
Worth reading, especially for Amy’s answer to the question:  ”What is the most important thing you want everyone to understand about mental illness?”

Why professors at San Jose won’t use a Harvard Professor’s MOOC
Important words: “”In spite of our admiration for your ability to lecture in such an engaging way to such a large audience, we believe that having a scholar teach and engage with his or her own students is far superior to having those students watch a video of another scholar engaging his or her students.”

What I wish my pastor knew about the life of a scientist
Fascinating perspective from Andy Crouch about his scientist wife.

Three Cheers for the Twidiocracy
I join with Thomas Kidd as he gives three cheers for Twitter.

5 Ways to Teach your Kids about Sexual Development