Toward a Counter-Cultural Community
Tim Brister describes 11 aspects of “societal segregation” with a view to calling the church to biblical de-segregation.

Full text or notes?
Tim Ward lists pros and cons of both methods and then proposes that preachers do a mixture of both to maintain freshness.

3 Frustrations of Mental Health and the Church
Joe Padilla says that we need to re:THINK church support  so that “The focus is on relieving suffering and revealing Christ.”

A defense against pastoral burnout
Paul Tautges: “Without a plurality of shepherds, both the teaching pastor and the people suffer and do not experience the best the Lord has for them.”

Why we trust the Bible
A new Ligonier teaching series from Steve Nichols. You can watch the first lesson free.

Proverbs for Christian Blogging: Don’t make your audience throw up
Mike Leake applies Proverbs 25:17 to blogging.