Healthy Rhythms
My friend, Kevin Galloway, is a church planting pastor in Michigan City and Portage, Indiana. He’s just started a new blog which I believe you’ll find worth subscribing to or bookmarking. In one of his first articles he addresses a question asked by pastors everywhere: “How do I establish a daily rhythm that will better my health and work performance, while giving more time for my family?”

Ordinary: Christian Living for the Rest of Us
A Challies special. He says what the rest of us are trying to think.

8 Components of a Healthy Lifestyle
8 Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes that provide significant positive changes for a person’s mental and physical health.

Husbands: A Warning against Bitterness
“Here’s the reality: Most men treat their wives’ harshly. If men did not struggle with harshness God would not waste his time commanding against it. Unless you have been sanctified beyond the norm you regularly sin against your wife by bitterness.”

Track Athletes Notice They Look Alike, Find Out They Are Sisters
A good news story for your Monday morning.

Support Crossway
A flood swept through Crossway’s headquarters on April 18. About two feet of water poured into 32 first-floor offices due causing extensive damage. Repairs will take 5-6 months and a large chunk of the costs will not be covered by insurance. You can support Crossway’s rebuilding efforts here.