Idle of the Heart
Joe Thorn challenges jobless and aimless young men.

Admiration – and a word of caution – for Angelina Jolie
Never thought I’d link to a post about Angelina Jolie, but her decision to have a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer has raised many challenging questions.

A $7,000 Online Masters Degree
The Georgia Institute of Technology plans to offer a $7,000 online master’s degree in computer science to 10,000 new students over the next three years without hiring much more than a handful of new instructors. And here’s a book review of Is College Worth it?

How fishing helps veterans heal – and land jobs
More reasons to spend some time on the water.

In praise of a former homeschooling Mom
Marty Duren pens a beautiful eulogy to his homeschooling wife which many men, including myself, can put a hearty Amen to.

American Church Planters in Scotland?
Mez answers the question: “Can Americans really get past their culture, move to the poor areas of Scotland and plant churches there?”