Writing and Reporting Advice from 4 of the Washington Post’s Best
A gold mine of bullet points gathered by Roy Peter Clark from a conference featuring David Finkel, Bob Woodward, DeNeen Brown, and Ezra Klein. And here’s four further suggestions on writing well from Justin Taylor.

Hell Awakened Me
Joe Thorn explains how God used the doctrine of Hell in his life before he was converted. Solemn joy in his conclusion: “Do not forsake the doctrine of hell and God’s justice, my friends. There is no good news apart from bad news. And until a man or a woman tastes the bitterness of their sin and feels the weight of the just judgment of God they will never find the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be sweet and liberating. Give ‘em hell, and give ‘em the gospel”

An Unhealthy Focus in much Christian Literature
Brief post. Big Point. Mike Leake sums up his concerns: “Let’s celebrate redemption at the same time we cry out for further rescue.”

Why cities matter: A review
I don’t usually link to book reviews, but this is an important one, not so much for the book that’s reviewed but in the sloppy thinking and writing that the review highlights. No one likes to write such reviews, but they do push writers and editors to higher standards.

A biblical and scientific Adam
Dr. Vern Poythress issues a challenge to evangelicals who have backed away from an historic Adam, using a theologically informed look at ape ancestry genetic claims.

Parents: Do you think before you post?
“Do we miss the truth that our families need our discretion far more than our blog followers need our authenticity?” And on the subject of social media, here’s an infographic on how teens communicate.