How does a church decide what to pay a pastor?
“There are often several factors considered: (1) full-time vs. part time, (2) level of education, (3) location of church in the country, i.e. local economy, (4) average income of the membership, (5) level of responsibility, (6) cost of replacement of personnel.”

R.C.Sproul’s Crucial Question’s eBooks now Free
Here’s a great college preparation course for teens. Good for the rest of us too.

An Open Letter to the Church of Scotland
Which has just said that everyone should drive on the right side of the road…unless someone wants to drive on the left side. Or something like that.

SAP in Autism Recruitment Drive
German software company SAP says it hopes to recruit hundreds of people with autism, saying they have a unique talent for information technology….SAP executive Luisa Delgado said the company believed that “innovation comes from the edges”. She added: “Only by employing people who think differently and spark innovation will SAP be prepared to handle the challenges of the 21st Century.”

How far can we go?
“How far can we go… and still be seen to obey the law?” This is the Pharisaic question that is asked by every teenager at the youth group ‘Sex and Relationships’ talk. It is not a Christian question. The Christian asks, “How far can we go… in applying the good law of God in our lives?”

The Songs of the Son Seeing
Nick Batzig helps us to see Christ in the Psalms.