The world is the theater of God’s glory. But it’s not just beautiful natural landscapes that motivate our worship, but beautiful work as well, even when done by unbelievers.

Who can look at an apple and not worship God? Who can look at an Apple and not worship God?

Yes, the simplest natural product and the most sophisticated digital product both provoke and promote worship. As we’re more used to the idea of nature inciting us to worship God, let me give you five ways technology can help us to worship Him:

  • Technology makes us worship God’s wisdom: It’s God’s mind that conceived of silicon, radio waves, fiber-optics, light, electricity, magnetism, space travel, rocket fuel, etc.
  • Technology makes us worship God’s creativity: Behind every good invention and ingenious design is The Inventor and The Designer.
  • Technology makes us worship God’s goodness: How thankful we should be that we are living in an age of such life-saving and life-enhancing technology.
  • Technology makes us worship God’s power: It’s mind-blowing to think of the amount of energy that technology uses every day – hundreds of billions of kilowatts – and yet that’s just a little part of God’s great power.
  • Technology makes us worship God’s patience: What incredible patience and longsuffering that sees such good gifts taken, abused and turned against the Creator and His creatures, and yet He still spares us and our world.

Wherever we turn – the workshop, the operating theater, the garage, the studio, etc., we gaze on the glory of God’s attributes in the daily work of His creatures and what they create.

  • Ray

    Indeed, compared to other natural created items, an apple is relatively ‘simple’; compared to the most sophisticated digital product, an Apple, the apple soars!

    • David Murray

      Like it!

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  • Gary

    A product whose very symbol is that of the Fall of Mankind, the partially-eaten forbidden fruit? μὴ γένοιτο!

    Let me show you a better way, in its most popular form represented by the Greek Chi Rho!

  • Janet

    I was just marvelling yesterday at the efficiency of the photocopier at our church. I commented to our pastor that it amazes me every time I use it. I think of Christian History courses I have taken, listening to Dr. Haykin tell us how meticulous the scribes were when they copied the Scriptures by hand, making sure every jot and tittle was correct. We are so blessed to have ready access to all sorts of information and technology, and it’s all because of the grace and mercy of our Beautiful God. Who can look at a photocopier and not worship God?

    • David Murray

      Your photocopier must work better than mine, Janet!

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