Honeybees trained in Croatia to find landmines
Don’t tell the TSA.

Ask RC: Should Christians obey Old Testament law?
“Not only do I not understand why someone would feel the need to toss one use of the law (telling us what God requires of us) in order to protect a second use (showing us our need for Christ) but I don’t see how one can even be preserved without the other.”

5 Awesome Ways Evernote Makes a Pastor’s Life Easier
I agree, Evernote is a fantastic App.

If King Solomon gave a Commencement Address
“Solomon had all the attributes we look for in a commencement speaker. He wasfabulously wealthy, accomplished (his biography as well as three of his written works are included in the best-selling book of all time), worldly-wise (“I have seen everything that is done under the sun. . .”), and able to provide suitably aphoristic advice for young people (he even wrote a wildly popular advice book).”

Gospel-centered University
With ”Professor” David Moser ; )

Public Responses to Allegations of Wrongdoing by Your Friends
Excellent advice from someone who’s clearly felt the pain of victims and their families.

Advice to Christians and Churches involved in the Boy Scouts
Rick Phillips with wise words.