Seven Phrases on the Ten Words
Nathan Eshelman with seven principles to help us apply the Ten Commandments and live a careful life in gratitude for the grace of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Edwards: Why Read Him?
Owen Strachan gives three good reasons. I’d suggest starting with The History of Redemption.

Twelve Ways Pastors went from Burnout to Vision
Or 12 ways to avoid burnout.

The Way of Wisdom
Tom Schreiner with an insightful introduction to Proverbs.

Torn to Heal: Why I wrote a book on suffering
My endorsement for Mike Leake’s new book: Torn to Heal is the most concise, readable, and helpful theology of suffering I’ve come across. The content, length, and tone is just perfect for those who are in the furnace of affliction screaming “Why?”

Will a Christian who commits suicide go to heaven?
Firm, thoughtful, compassionate answer.

Tiny Mall Kiosks Make a Suprisingly Big Impact
I always wondered if these stalls made much money.