You won’t finish this article: Why people online don’t read to the end
I’m sure this doesn’t apply to any of my readers.

Lawless Law
Painfully logical article from R.C. Sproul Jr.:”Jason Collins is the first male professional athlete to admit he mistreats men. For that he has received magazine covers, applause from the entire Good Morning American television crew, congratulatory phone calls from the first lady, and a thumbs up from her husband. Where, I am left wondering, was all this for the first male professional athlete to admit he mistreats dogs?”

Perhaps the Best Sports Video I’ve Ever Seen
I know many pastors like this too.

Shepherding a sick wife
Kyle Worley’s wife has Cystic Fybrosis. Beautiful picture of Christ and His church.

The Ultimate Kinsman Redeemer
Stephanie Van Eyk: “It is as if the compliers of the Hebrew Bible placed the book of Ruth directly after Proverbs to describe the marriage between the wise man and the virtuous woman.”

Why is it so hard to do business in America?
With two budding entrepreneurs in my family, I’ve been stunned at the difficulties of setting up the simplest business in the USA.

  • reformedmonk

    re Lawless Law – I wish RC Jr would stop beating around the bush and say what’s really on his mind!… just kidding… that is a wonderful and appropriate rant – timely and well said.