Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s 50 Year Goals
“We were worshiping in a small Haitian church, sitting on hard wood benches. In the middle of the service, my dad leaned over to me and whispered, “Honey, what are your 50-year goals?””

Online Theological Resources
Nathan Busentiz’s Top 10. Here are some I listed in an older post.

All in the family
This is quite frightening. Why the mainstream media failed to break the Obama scandals.

Time is money
If this ever comes to the USA, it’s going to cost some pastors a fortune. A German cafe is now charging for the time customers spend there, rather than for the coffee they buy.

Learn what the Bible says about Economics
This would make a great graduation gift.

The Trinity as Old Testament Book Club
This title seems a bit irreverent, but the concept and the theology are quite profound and worshipful.

  • Dave Moser

    Two housekeeping notes:
    - Your electronic resources for sermon prep post has an outdated link to which is no longer a Christian site.
    - I think the Trinity as OT Book club link is the wrong url. Did you, perhaps, intend to link to the recent Scriptorium post?